Optimizing Your Hotel Workplace: Let Technology Do the Hard Lift.

Title description, Jan 01,2020

The hospitality industry is grappling with challenges that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone: A labor shortage, demanding customers and profit pressure. At the center of these issues, managers who oversee the complexities of hotel staffing must decide how to schedule employees based on the daily needs of the business and complying with rules and regulations that impact their decisions on a daily basis.

Taking the Guest Experience Home? A Look at the Potential of Hotel Brand Extensions.

Title description, Nov 11,2019

Brand extensions have always been a common part of corporate growth strategies, but have more recently expanded into the hospitality business. From retail and entertainment brands like Restoration Hardware, Taco Bell and Disney, companies from all industries are now looking into brand extensions. This article examines the implications for hospitality brand extensions, provides examples os successful integrations, explains how hotel brands can expand into the retail space, and examines the questions they need to address before doing so.

Hospitality Style:Don’t you think the hotel industry is trendy and stylish?

Title description, Jul 10,2019

This again is one of the best hotel management magazines focusing on the trends and the style of the hospitality industry. You need to look and act your best to be better than the best in the hotel industry.Hospitality Style covers the whole style spectrum in the hotel sector, all within impressive, elegant designs that make hotel industry tantalizing.